The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Endorses Monte Frank for Connecticut Lt. Governor

June 20, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Endorses Monte Frank for Connecticut Lt. Governor

Washington, DC (June 20, 2018) — Following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many Americans found themselves paralyzed with grief. They did not know what to do in the aftermath of such horror. For Newtown native Monte Frank — he got on his bike.

In 2013, Monte founded Team 26, a group of cyclists from Newtown that has grown to include activists and survivors from mass shootings across the nation. Every year they make the 300 mile bike ride from Newtown to Capitol Hill. They ride to raise awareness for stronger gun laws like universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and laws that would work to stop illegal trafficking. They ride to highlight those whose deaths are ignored by the media, making stops at impacted communities in Trenton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Southeast Washington. They ride to build a movement that will help enact change.

Monte Frank and Team 26 have been strong friends and allies of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, inviting survivors on our staff to participate in their ride and sharing lived experiences to help raise awareness on this important issue.

Monte Frank is a true champion of gun violence prevention and his activism has prepared him to embark on his next path. As Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, Monte Frank will make gun violence a top priority of this independent administration. He will be a friend and supporter of those who have been impacted by gun violence in Connecticut, and a strong advocate for the gun violence prevention movement nationwide.


“Paid for by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Josh Horwitz, Executive Director.  805 15th St NW Washington, DC 20005. This message was made independent of any candidate or political party.”

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