CSGV Condemns Supreme Court Confirmation

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Condemns Confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court
Barrett’s support for an extreme interpretation of the Second Amendment will make Americans less safe

WASHINGTON October 26, 2020 — In response to Senate Republicans’ rushed confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence executive director Josh Horwitz released the following statement criticizing the precedent-breaking process: 

“The effects of today’s vote will be felt for a generation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans ignored their own precedent and rammed through an out-of-the-mainstream judicial nominee, despite the American people’s desire that the winner of the election choose the next nominee.

“Barrett’s presence on the court will make Americans less safe by weakening our already weak gun laws. In addition, her appointment will likely have equally devastating effects on access to healthcare, enforcement of environmental protections, the rights of the LGBTQ community, progress on racial justice, campaign finance laws, and other rights and protections.

“Despite this setback, we remain focused on our core mission: to ensure gun violence is rare and abnormal. In recent years, we have made critically important progress at the state level to pass gun violence prevention laws supported by the majority of Americans. In the coming years, advocates for gun violence prevention will continue fighting for laws at all levels that protect Americans as we work to end the extreme interpretation of the Second Amendment supported by the gun industry and the NRA. Even a court with Justice Barrett must ultimately recognize that gun violence prevention laws are a necessary component of safety, freedom and our democratic society.”

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Samantha Kupferman, West End Strategy Team
skupferman@westendstrategy.com; 202-215-9260

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