Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Legislative Director Reacts to Shooting in Hometown

November 8, 2018

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“We Cannot Accept This As Normal.”

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Legislative Director Reacts to Shooting in Hometown

Washington, DC (November 8, 2018) — At least 12 people were killed late Wednesday night as a gunman opened fire inside Borderline Bar and Grill — a country music dance hall in Thousand Oaks, California.

Legislative Director Christian Heyne issued the following statement:

“I usually describe my hometown of Thousand Oaks, California as one of the safest communities in America. Today, I’m heartbroken to see Thousand Oaks in the news as the site of yet another horrific act of gun violence.

“Thirteen years ago in Thousand Oaks, my parents were shot by a man with a history of violence. My dad survived his injuries, but my mom was killed. The saddest part of my story is that it is unremarkable — we hear about tragedies like this every day.

“Less than two weeks ago, we saw gun violence at a synagogue. Days ago, we saw it at a yoga studio. Now, we see it at an event for college students at a local bar and grill. Our hearts are with the victims of these tragedies, but we must demand more than thoughts and prayers from our leaders. We must demand action.

“Tragedies like the massacre that took place in my hometown last night have become the new normal because our nation has done nothing meaningful to address the root causes of the uniquely American problem of gun violence. The carnage we see on a daily basis — including the everyday gun violence that doesn’t make headlines — is clearly not going away on its own. It is time to address this epidemic with commonsense approaches that can reduce the death and injury we seem to witness every time we turn on the news. We simply cannot accept this as normal.”


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