Bills Reported Out of Committee Will Build A Safer Virginia

A new day in Richmond as the Democrats’ gun violence prevention majority takes first steps toward change

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“I’ve been testifying and speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee since my daughter was shot and survived in her Virginia Tech French class in 2007. Until today, we heard only ‘thoughts and prayers’ as Republicans rejected commonsense gun violence prevention measures by party line votes. That changed today.

“The gun lobby came with extremist rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and falsehoods. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and our allies in the gun violence prevention movement came with data, facts, and the overwhelming support of Virginians. And common sense carried the day. The new majority wasted no time in passing laws out of committee that would strengthen Virginia’s gun laws and save lives in the commonwealth.

“Commonsense bills like establishing the life-saving Extreme Risk Protection Order passed today. While we support and will continue to fight for universal background checks, the substitute version passed today is not the strong version we need to effectively reduce gun violence across Virginia. We strongly encourage the House and Senate to work together to strengthen this legislation before it becomes law.

“The people of Virginia have waited long enough. We’ve heard excuses for long enough. Finally, today is a day of action — the first of many this session.

“Thank you to all the senators who voted for a safer Virginia today and all of the supporters of gun violence prevention who showed up to make their voices heard.”


The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization. Follow them on Twitter at @CSGV and Instagram @coalitiontostopgunviolence

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