If Your Only Answer is “Thoughts & Prayers”, It’s Time to Go

February 15, 2018

Andrew Patrick
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If Your Only Answer is “Thoughts & Prayers”, It’s Time to Go

Washington has proven themselves inept at addressing gun violence

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Statement on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting:

In the short period of time Donald Trump has been president, America has witnessed the deadliest American mass shooting, the deadliest church mass shooting, and now the deadliest high school mass shooting. Each time the mass murder has been met with the same inadequate response.

Today, members of Congress will bow their heads in a moment of silence. They will tweet out their thoughts and prayers. Then they will do nothing.

No parent should ever get the call 17 families received yesterday, that their children are not coming home. The American people are sick of this. Our leaders have failed to fulfill their most basic responsibility — to keep their citizens safe.

In most jobs, if you fail to perform your duties you are replaced. In November, it is time to clean house.


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