Andrew Patrick in Bustle

5 Senate Races To Watch In 2020 If You Care About Gun Safety

Arizona’s 2020 Senate race will also be one to watch, according to Andrew Patrick, media director for The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Mark Kelly, a former astronaut, will be running against Republican Sen. Martha McSally. Kelly is married to former Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot in an attempted assassination and survived. Kelly has called for universal background checks, stricter laws that keep domestic violence offenders from getting guns, and red flag laws, which allow people who are worried about someone’s mental state to restrict that person’s access to guns, Business Insider reported.

McSally has previously called universal background checks unconstitutional, though she recently said she is open to considering new gun safety legislation, according to the Associated Press. She also told reporters that she intends to introduce federal legislation to make domestic terrorism a federal crime (the El Paso shooting was reportedly motivated by racism, and the shooter could face hate crime charges.)

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