Amanda Chase is unfit to govern

April 30, 2021

Andrew Patrick
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Senator Amanda Chase Is A Threat to the Safety of Virginians; Unfit to Lead

Lori Haas, Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, issued the following statement:

“The latest incident with Senator Amanda Chase and her staff illustrate that the Junior Senator from Chesterfield is a danger to the safety of Virginians, both individually and the Commonwealth as a whole. Senator Chase is unfit to lead, unfit to govern, and unfit to be anywhere near the corridors of power in Virginia.

“As reported this morning in the Washington Post and with audio to authenticate, Senator Chase was speaking from her vehicle with the extremist organization the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) when she was interrupted by an altercation between a member of her staff and another driver.

“‘That will get your bitch ass back in the car’ the aide to Chase was heard saying, brandishing an semi-automatic AR-15 style pistol and threatening a fellow motorist. Senator Chase referred to the armed intimidation as a ‘second amendment moment’ epitomizing her bastardized view of the Constitution – a warped worldview of a guns everywhere society, where citizens shoot it out and those with the biggest guns rule.

“Virginians do not think like that. It is exactly why they have rejected NRA and VCDL-backed candidates en masse over the past few election cycles here in Virginia, and why they have voted for a gun violence prevention majority in the General Assembly, which passed some of the strongest gun violence measures in the nation in the past two years.

“Amanda Chase has made gun extremism the central theme of her run for governor. She has courted the backing of insurrectionist gun groups and threatened gun violence prevention organizations such as ours through Facebook. But this latest episode should distress Virginians of all political stripes.

“Amanda Chase is a threat to the safety and security of Virginians and unfit to govern in any capacity.”


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