Chief LewisWicomico County, Maryland Sheriff Mike Lewis recently made headlines1 in the state when he suggested he might not enforce new state gun laws that he believed were unconstitutional, despite court rulings to the contrary.2

Sheriff Lewis then took things a step further, threatening “civil war” if the federal government attempted to enforce gun laws in Wicomico County. Speaking to News21 in August of 2014, Lewis stated:

As long as I’m the sheriff in this county, I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of their right to bear arms. I can tell you this, if they attempt to do that, it would be an all-out civil war, no question about it.3

Despite these comments, Sheriff Lewis is still certified as an instructor by the Maryland Police Training Commission, a state agency with a mission of “ensur[ing] the quality of law enforcement…through the establishment and enforcement of standards and the facilitation and delivery of training, education and prevention programs.”

It is difficult to see how a law enforcement officer who is threatening to wage war with the United States government meets any recognized standards of public service. In the wake of his threatening comments, Sheriff Lewis should not be given the responsibility of training law enforcement officers in Maryland.

Tell the Maryland Police Training Commission.  Revoke Mike Lewis’ certification immediately.


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