137794853On July 20, 2012, the same day that a gunman opened fire during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado, Donald Trump Jr. mocked the victims of the horrific massacre. While the world was waking up to news of the shooting, the son of the current Republican presidential nominee appeared on the shock jock radio program Opie & Anthony.”  Instead of offering his condolences, Trump Jr. joked about the shooting.

The radio hosts played interviews from survivors in the theater. One of the survivors said:

“Everything was going good until, uh, we saw gas and sparks, and sounded like really strong fireworks, uh, and then you just hear people yelling and actually just a few, uh, rows away from me a girl gets up holding her jaw. I guess she had got shot.”

Trump Jr.’s reaction?

“Overall, I give the movie two thumbs up,” he joked.

When Trump Jr. made this tasteless comment, families of the victims were still in shock. The country was reeling from yet another mass shooting. And the reaction from the oldest son of the GOP’s current presidential nominee was a flippant joke.

“Donald Trump Jr. should apologize to the families of the 12 people killed and the 70 others wounded. Mass shootings are no laughing matter and no joke to those of us who had our children murdered,” said Sandy Phillips, mother of Jessica Redfield Ghawi, who was killed in the shooting.  “We have already suffered an unthinkable loss, and the last thing we need is the violent and preventable death of my daughter to be used as a billionaire’s punchline.”

In an America where gun violence continues to destroy families on a daily basis, it is unacceptable for a potential member of the first family to demonstrate such cruel insensitivity.

Tell Donald Trump Jr.: Apologize to the survivors and families of the shooting victims in Aurora, Colorado. 


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