Bundy StandoffIn April 2014, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy made national headlines when he recruited an armed “militia” of insurrectionists to his ranch to violently confront Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents and Las Vegas Metro Police. BLM agents were attempting to enforce a court order against Bundy for his refusal to pay more than $1 million in grazing fees.

Since these law enforcement officers withdrew from the ranch for their own safety, anti-government extremists across the country have cited Cliven Bundy’s “victory” as an inspiration. The dangerous consequences of Bundy’s example were tragically apparent in June 2014 when Jerad and Amanda Miller shot and killed two police officers and a civilian with the intent of starting a “revolution” against the federal government.1 The Millers had been present at the Bundy ranch during the armed standoff.

It’s long past time to send a clear message to insurrectionists and hold Cliven Bundy and his gang accountable for their actions. The BLM should enforce the court orders that authorize it to remove Bundy’s trespassing cattle from public lands (which belong to all Americans). Likewise, the FBI should conclude its investigations into alleged death threats, intimidation and possible weapons violations committed by Bundy’s followers and arrest the appropriate parties.

Tell Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel: It’s time to enforce the law against Cliven Bundy and his followers.


  1. How the Las Vegas Killer Used Facebook to Exploit Gun Law Loohpoles,” Think Progress, June 10, 2014

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