In recent years, movie theaters have been the sites of several horrific mass shootings. For many moviegoers, a space that used to feel safe is now a target for acts of unspeakable violence. For others, even passing by a movie theatre brings up painful and traumatic memories.20161206_185222_1024

Given the history of mass shootings in movie theaters, we are calling on A24 Films to reconsider their insensitive, appalling advertising campaign for their upcoming feature, Free Fire.

The Free Fire promotional poster depicts a group of characters with guns pointing in all directions, seemingly directed at passersby. The poster in no way conveys the film’s storyline – it serves only to showcase deadly weapons. This threatening, violent imagery coupled with the movie title and tagline — “All Guns. No Control.” – glorifies and promotes firearm violence in the very venue where innocent moviegoers have been massacred.

We have come to expect the glorification of firearms but this grostesque display by A24 Films takes it to a disturbing new level.

Tell A24 Films: Change your Free Fire Advertising Campaign.


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