The responsibility of enacting common-sense gun laws in the United States lies with us all.

Most Americans care about the issue of gun violence. We are deeply affected by the coverage of gun-related tragedies we see in the media, and by the tragedies that strike closer to home, affecting acquaintances, friends, and even family.

But how many of us are making the issue of gun reform a priority when we head to the polls to cast votes for candidates for elected office?

How many of us have voted for a candidate who was good on many of the issues that matter to us, but terrible on guns? And yet we gave him/her a free pass.

No more. With 32,000+ Americans dying each and every year from gun violence, there can be no more free passes.

Gun reform is in our hands. View the PSAs below and then sign the pledge on the right making it clear you will support only candidates who will fight to reduce gun violence. 

[WARNING: These PSAs contain potential triggers for victims and survivors of gun violence.]

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