Travis Vaughn Photography // TravisVaughn.comLori Haas
Virginia State Director
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Lori has worked for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) since January 2010. Though she was originally an organizer, her role has since expanded; she has served as Virginia State Director for years.

After the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, during which her daughter was shot twice and survived, Lori became personally involved in gun violence prevention efforts. She has worked with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Virginia Center for Public Safety, Protest Easy Guns, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. She regularly lobbies for responsible gun laws on Capitol Hill in Washington and before the Virginia General Assembly. She promotes awareness of the issue by speaking to various groups as a family member of a gun violence survivor.

Lori graduated from Saint Gertrude High School in 1976 and attended Virginia Tech for two years. After a successful career in real estate, Lori volunteered for many neighborhood, church, school, and civic organizations. She was born in Richmond, Virginia, where she currently lives with her husband — a self-employed residential builder. They have three adult children: Emily, Wyatt, and Townley.

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