A Historic Session

Massive Changes Coming to Virginia’s Gun Laws as Historic Session Comes to an End

Richmond, VA (March 9, 2020) — During this historic session, the new Democratic controlled House of Delegates and Senate wasted no time in addressing one of the top concerns of the voters who sent them to Richmond: gun violence prevention. Lawmakers passed life-saving legislation that will make Virginia a safer and more secure place for its residents and their families. This legislation included seven of the governor’s gun violence prevention priorities.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas issued the following statement:

“For 13 years, I have been coming to the General Assembly and pleading for action. I’ve been in the small subcommittee rooms watching legislators defeat life-saving legislation. I chased lawmakers down the hall begging them to consider commonsense reforms. I’ve seen rallies of hundreds of people come into the lawmakers’ offices, pleading with them to vote on legislation that could have saved the lives of their partners, siblings, parents, or children — only to be told that the politics were too hard. Thankfully, those days are now over.

“With the end of the 2020 General Assembly approaching, Virginia — the home state of the National Rifle Association — will now have some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation. Life-saving laws like background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and prohibition on guns for prohibited purchasers will save lives in the commonwealth.

“Next month, Virginia will mark the 13th anniversary of the horrific massacre at Virginia Tech where my daughter was shot and injured. I started this work to honor those 32 lives that were destroyed by gun violence on that tragic day. I’ve continued fighting every day in memory of them and the thousands of Virginians who have died from gun violence since that day. These legislative victories are in their honor and in their memory.”


The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization. Follow them on Twitter at @CSGV and Instagram @coalitiontostopgunviolence

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