2020 Presidential Endorsement

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States

Nation’s oldest gun violence prevention group enthusiastically supports Biden based on his decades-long commitment to gun violence prevention.

Following the results of tonight’s primary elections, the 2020 Democratic primary has all but come to an end. It was a historic primary for many reasons, but among them was the nearly universal agreement among the candidates that something must be done about our nation’s gun violence epidemic.

All Democratic candidates who ran for the nomination — from the most conservative to the most liberal — supported gun violence prevention policies including universal background checks, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and an assault weapons ban. In the end, Democratic voters chose a candidate with a proven commitment to gun violence prevention policies and a record of getting the job done: Vice President Joseph Biden.

Joe Biden has repeatedly stood up to and defeated the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the corrupt gun lobby. As a senator, he helped pass the Brady Background Check Bill and enact the Assault Weapons Ban. He authored the Violence Against Women Act that has served as a guiding light in America’s effort to disarm domestic abusers and protect the lives of women. As vice president to President Barack Obama, Biden helped lead the effort to enact stronger gun laws through executive actions following the tragic massacre in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

As president, Joe Biden will fight for a safer and more secure United States of America. With 40,000 gun deaths each year, we are facing a public health crisis. His comprehensive gun violence prevention plan includes addressing the scourge of gun violence that wreaks havoc in communities across our country. He will enact policies that address and reduce the tragedy of firearm suicide, and he will continue to fight for laws that disarm domestic abusers and stalkers. His plan also includes incentivizing life-saving permit-to-purchase programs in states and creating buyback programs to get weapons of war off of America’s streets.

Joe Biden’s Democratic primary opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, has run an inspiring and energizing campaign, but his path to the nomination is no longer viable. Our organization was critical of Sanders’s candidacy four years ago because of his support of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). This time around, we were pleased to see him reject this bill and refer to it as a “bad vote.” We were also encouraged that he rejected some of his previous positions and votes in the Senate in support of stronger gun laws. This embrace of the gun violence prevention movement gained Senator Sanders the support of many Americans who care deeply about ending gun violence. We look forward to working with him in the Senate to find solutions to this epidemic.

We now must defeat the dangerous leader that is Donald Trump. President Trump, who is backed by the NRA, has used the bully pulpit to incite hate and spew bigoted rhetoric. His response to the armed, hateful white supremacist rally in Charlottesville was a low point in American history and the office of the presidency. Repeatedly, his words and rhetoric have been referred to by mass shooters. A mass assassination bombing attack was attempted in his name. He has demonstrated horrific insensitivity to the victims and survivors of gun violence and their families; he has treated hospital visits like photo shoots and meetings with survivors like campaign events. The inability to show compassion and empathy following these all-too-common tragedies is appalling; his unwillingness to address the underlying issue of gun violence is disqualifying.

Joe Biden is the exact opposite of Donald Trump when it comes to these issues. He is a man who has seen great loss of life and continues to demonstrate the resolve and dedication needed to enact real change. He has the empathy required to comfort someone who has lost their loved one, someone who is experiencing the darkest days of their life, and let them know through his actions and words that he is there for them and that he will work to prevent future tragedies.

Based on his record, his character, and his dedication to gun violence prevention, CSGV is proud to endorse Joe Biden. He is the only candidate in this race who has the ability to heal this nation and build a safer America for future generations.


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