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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement, and effective policy advocacy.


We are countering the gun lobby through cutting-edge policy development and aggressive advocacy. Our commitment to addressing gun violence in all its forms and advocating for at-risk individuals sets us apart.

CSGV has led the way in exposing the dangerous insurrectionist ideology promoted by the NRA, Trump, and other allies in the gun lobby

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Here are more NRA stocking stuffers to blow your loved ones away

This week, the NRA released a list of stocking stuffers, including lethal accessories and NRA-branded merchandise. But they forgot a couple of their best sellers, so we did them a favor and compiled ten additional NRA stocking stuffers that will get you fired up....

Dec 15

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Our sister organization, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, makes communities safer by translating research into policy.

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